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Parents and carers may be aware that the law changed in September with regard to children using child car seats while being transported in the car.
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Protecting Children from harm or neglect and helping them stay safe.

Ofsted inspectors will check that to meet this outcome you are following the National Standards:
Standard 4 Physical Environment
Standard 5 Equipment
Standard 6 Safety
Standard 13 Child Protection

And the Birth to three matters framework Aspect: A Healthy Child

This will be judged on the inspection of your premises, by observing you working with the children and from your documentation and record keeping.

Remember a good Childminder will extend this outcome to include teaching the children about safety. This may range from how to carry scissors safely, crossing the road, to more difficult issues such as Stranger Danger.

This page will provide you with some ideas on activities to do with the children and samples of documentation and policies to include in your parent brochure or portfolio.

Be Safe and Sound                 

Fires in the home are the main cause of fire deaths. The London Fire Brigade’s campaign ‘Be safe and Sound’ targets vulnerable people in boroughs throughout London where fires and fire deaths are high.

Getting a smoke alarm, regularly testing and maintaining it, as well as planning your escape route in the event of a fire can dramatically decrease the risk of death or serious injury.

LFB want you to be safe and sound. They are carrying out free home fire safety checks in Bromley.

They will also fit a free smoke alarm where needed.

If you would like a visit contact LFB by:

This booklet FIRE SAFETY IN THE HOME has been produced as part of the  LFB’s campaign. It has helpful tips and essential advice on how to improve fire safety and prevent fires starting in your home.

Further Information can be obtained on their website:



Another useful site is:



this contains information on safety rules for children and how to make your home safe. The two kids sites are aimed at ages 3-7 years, Frances the firefly and 8-14 years, Flynn and friends. Both contain on line games to help children understand the dangers of fire and how to get out of a building.

There is also a Fire Prevention Handbook that can be downloaded.

Official Guidance
(provided in your original briefing pack)
can be downloaded from




The National Fire Safety Charity For Children


Download colouring sheets and view stories and games online


Staying Safe -

Emergency Evacuation
Ofsted require Childminders to have developed plans for the emergency evacuation of their property. It is good practice to have produced a floorplan of your house for your portfolio . This should  show normal and emergency exits, windows, fire blankets, smoke alarms and fire ladders if fitted.  

A written procedure is a good idea, setting out exactly what you would do in the event of the need to evacuate, taking into account different scenarios on where the children might be located in the house. How do you raise the alarm? You will need to consider not only how you plan to leave your home from different rooms but also how you will contact the families of the children you care for. Have you put all their contact details in your mobile phone and is that carried on you at all times or easily accessible in the need to evacuate?

Have you made arrangements with a local Childminder or neighbour so that you can go to them until the emergency is over or the children are collected?

Many childminders now practice their evacuation procedures with their children and keep a record of it to show Ofsted and parents if required.

Staying Safe is one of the five outcomes for the new Ofsted Inspection Framework.